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Vedanta Resources plc is a globally diversified natural resources group with revenues in excess of US$ 11 billion. We are proud to be the first Indian manufacturing company to be listed on the London Stock Exchange.


Our experienced workforce of over 31,000 people is distributed among our operating locations in India, Zambia, Namibia, South Africa, Liberia, Ireland and Australia.


The principal members of our consolidated group of companies are as follows:



Sterlite Industries (India) Ltd. Vedanta has 58.0% share in Sterlite Industries India Ltd. (“Sterlite”), India’s largest diversified metals and mining company. Sterlite is listed on the Bombay and New York Stock Exchanges and the National Stock Exchange of India. Its primary businesses are: Copper, Zinc, Lead, Silver, Aluminium and Power. Sterlite has custom copper-smelting operations in Southern India with a capacity of 400ktpa of copper cathodes and a copper rod plant at Silvassa.


Konkola Copper Mines. KCM has fully integrated copper operations in Zambia with several mines at Konkola and Nchanga, a tailings leach plant and smelter at Nchanga, and a refinery at Nkana. Two new copper concentrators are being constructed at Nchanga, and the Konkola Deep Mine Project is expected to ramp-up ore production and integrated copper capacity to 400+ktpa of copper post completion of the Bottom Shaft Loading project. KCM has substantial high grade reserves and resources including the Konkola underground mine, which has a 3.55% grade. Vedanta has a 79.4% shareholding in KCM, and the remainder is owned by ZCCM, a Zambian Government investment vehicle.


Copper Mines of Tasmania Pty Ltd. Sterlite owns 100% of the Mount Lyell copper mine in Tasmania, Australia, which supplies approximately 8% of Sterlite India’s copper concentrate requirements.




Hindustan Zinc Limited. HZL has fully integrated zinc-lead-silver operations in India, with four zinc-lead mines in the state of Rajasthan at Rampura Agucha, Sindesar Khurd, Raipura Dariba and Zawar supplying concentrate to its zinc and lead smelters at Chanderiya, Dariba, Debari and Vizag. HZL is India’s leading zinc producer with over 80% domestic market share and also operates multiple captive coal-fired power plants and 171MW of wind power plants. HZL is listed on the Bombay and National Stock Exchanges, and Sterlite owns 64.9% of its share capital.


Zinc International. Sterlite Industries owns the Skorpion mine in Namibia (100%), Lisheen mine in Ireland (100%) and 74% of Black Mountain Mining in South Africa, which includes the Black Mountain mine and Gamsberg project. These assets were acquired from Anglo American’s Zinc business during FY 2010–11.




Bharat Aluminium Company Ltd. Sterlite owns 51.0% of BALCO, a leading Indian aluminium producer with operations in the state of Chhattisgarh. BALCO currently has 245ktpa smelting capacity, 810MW power generation facilities and capabilities to produce ingots and other value-added products. BALCO has a 325ktpa smelter project, a 1,200MW power plant project, and rights to a coal block of 211.0mt for captive usage.


Vedanta Aluminium Ltd. Vedanta owns 70.5% of the share capital of VAL, with Sterlite owning the remaining 29.5%, resulting in an effective stake of 87.5%. VAL is based in Eastern India and operates a 1mtpa alumina refinery at Lanjigarh. At Jharsuguda, VAL operates a 500ktpa aluminium smelter and an associated 1,215MW captive power plant. VAL also has a 1.25mtpa aluminium smelter project at Jharsuguda.




Sesa Goa Ltd. Sesa Goa is India’s largest private sector producer-exporter of iron ore, with mining and processing facilities located in the states of Goa and Karnataka. As of 31 March 2011, Sesa Goa has proved and probable reserves of an estimated 306mt of iron ore. Sesa Goa also manufactures pig iron and metallurgical coke. Vedanta owns 55.1% of Sesa Goa, which is listed on the Bombay and National stock exchanges of India. Sesa Goa owns 100% of Sesa Resources Ltd. (formerly known as VS Dempo), an iron ore mining and processing company based at Goa.




Sterlite Energy Ltd. Sterlite Energy is 100% owned by Sterlite Industries and has two major power plant projects for power generation – the 2,400MW power plant at Jharsuguda, Orissa of which two units were operational at the end of FY 2010–11, and the 2,640MW power plant at Talwandi Sabo, in Punjab.


Madras Aluminium Company (MALCO). MALCO is a power generation company with a 100MW power plant located in Southern India and is 94.8% owned by Vedanta.


Hindustan Zinc Limited. Hindustan Zinc has 273MW of wind power generational capacity, making it one of the largest providers of wind power in India.

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